08 Weeder Tool for Garden Stainless Steel - Bend-Proof

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  • High quality: Made of stainless steel. All of them adopt ergonomic wooden handle, durable, bending and easy to clean.
  • Unique design:Lever base and solid V-shaped fork tip - conforms to the principle of lever, while saving your time and improving work efficiency.
  • Easy to use: Just insert the fork into the soil around the root of the tree, place the curved metal base on the ground, press the handle to pull and pry off the root, then you can easily weed!
  • Easy to store: The handle end of this hand mower has a hole and a leather pendant for easy storage and hanging.
  • Application: Gardeners can use this weeding tool to dig out invasive weeds such as dandelion, Thistle and Begonia in the garden. At the same time, it can also be used for loosening soil and transplanting

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