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WISEPRO Japanese Hand Weeder for Remove Dandelions Thistles and Weeds,7.9 Inches Japanese Style Weeder Tool for Garden

  • High quality: high quality Japanese steel has high strength and hardness after quenching, so it is very strong, light weight.
  • Wood handle: due to its strength, flexibility and durability, beech is the preferred wood for garden tools. Wood is also a natural shock absorber (unlike plastic) to keep your hands comfortable while gardening.
  • Lever principle: the greater the curvature angle of fork, the more leverage will be provided, thus saving effort and high efficiency in weeding.
  • Easy to store: the handle end of this manual mower has a hole and a leather pendant for easy storage and hanging.
  • Application: Japanese manual weeder can not only remove thistle, dandelion, Begonia, Caragana and other common garden weeds, but also is very suitable for use in the narrow space around plants or vegetables.