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  • Superior Protective Performance: This electric jack cover is made from foam fabric with a PVC coating on the inside, providing excellent waterproof and UV protection. It safeguards your electric tongue jack from harsh weather and road splashes.
  • Reinforced Closure Design: The trailer jack cover is equipped with a drawstring closure, which is easy to tighten or loosen, ensuring the cover fits snugly on the electric tongue jack. Even if it encounters strong winds, it is unlikely to be blown away.
  • Enhanced Night Visibility: Reflective strips on the front and back of the electric trailer jack cover enhance visibility in dark or low-light conditions, providing extra safety for you and your device.
  • Chain Management: The RV jack cover is equipped with two D-rings to secure the chain, keeping it off the ground and reducing the risk of rust. Make sure your chain stays clean and extend its life.
  • Universal Compatibility: The tongue jack cover measures 14.5*9.8*5.3 inches and fits most electric tongue jacks on the market. Easy installation and adjustment features make this electric jack cover ideal for travel trailer and RV owners. (Please measure the dimensions of your device before purchasing.)

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