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WISEPRO 4 Pack Snap Ring Pliers Set Heavy Duty External/Internal Circlip Pliers

  • irclip Pliers set including 7 Inch straight tips external circlip pliers,straight tips internal circlip pliers,90 degree tips external circlip pliers and 90 degree tips internal circlip pliers,together in a tool roll storage.
  • Snap ring pliers are forged from a solid piece if chrome vanadium steel with fine polishing,according to hardening,temper and anneal to confirm stronger.The tips coated with black electrophoresis makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • Circlip pliers are used to install or remove circlips from equipment,simplify the task of removing a ring from a shaft or bore hole,suitable for automotive,bicycles,motorcycle,farm machine,plumbing.
  • On external pliers the head opens when the handle is squeezed and the circlip is pushed out.These pliers are used to mount circlips on shafts and guide rods.On internal pliers the head closes when the handle is squeezed and the circlips is pulled in.These pliers are used to install circlips inside bores.