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  • Dual-Wheel Tile Nipper: The 8-inch glass tile nipper, equipped with 7/8-inch (22mm) cutting wheels , can easily score and cut tiles and trim glass bricks, making it suitable for use around pipes, cabinets, and walls. Note: Ensure the thickness of the material is greater than 1.5mm/0.06".
  • Flat Head Tile Nipper: The 8-inch tile cutter plier is suitable for handling floor and wall ceramics, marble, and other softer materials. It can also be used for grinding various metal products, saw teeth, and polishing hardwood. Note: Ensure the thickness of the material is greater than 2mm/0.08".
  • Premium Materials: The cutting wheel of the tile cutter pliers is made of YG8 alloy to improve cutting efficiency and longevity, while the rest is made of 55 steel with a black surface treatment, ensuring the durability and strength of the tool.
  • Ergonomic Design: Equipped with a non-slip handle to increase comfort during use and reduce hand fatigue from prolonged work; a detachable spring reset design allows the tool to return to its starting position after each cut, providing convenience for continuous operation.
  • Wide Applications: The tile cutter set is ideal for cutting mosaics, tiles, mirrors, colored glass, and stone, etc. The combination of a flat jaw and a round jaw not only efficiently handles basic cutting tasks but also aids in precisely dealing with corners and trimming edges.

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