022 Safety Nail Tamper Finger Joint Pliers

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  • Quality: safety pliers are made of synthetic plastics, durable, easy to use and well made.
  • Different nail size: pin groove of different diameter can be fixed with nails of different specifications.
  • Unique design: the ergonomic long handle design of this safety gear can help to firmly grasp the nail, make it easier to position the nail, align the nail to maximize accuracy, and always cut at the perfect angle. There are 11 holes of different sizes, divided into two levels of height, which can well meet your needs in different heights, and fix the nails well.
  • Suitable for: safety nail tamper finger joint pliers are suitable for your home decoration or DIY craft projects, woodworking, construction, etc. It's a great gift for your husband or family on holiday.
  • Note: fix the nail with pliers instead of hands to avoid touching fingers or hands when hammering.

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