017 Carbon Steel Long Nose Pliers

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  • Material: 6-inch needle nose pliers are made of carbon steel, rust-proof, sturdy and durable.
  • Ergonomic design: The fine needle nose pliers are designed with non-slip rubber, which is easy to grasp and suitable for long-term work.
  • Spring design: double-leaf spring design, use more labor-saving, time-saving, and work more efficient.
  • Application: Jewelry needle nose pliers are used for bending wire, jewelry making, computer repair, electronic product repair, small object grabbing, etc. Very suitable for DIY enthusiasts, engineers, electricians, network engineers, craftsmen, jewelry craftsmen and other personnel.
  • Different options: Needle-nose pliers have different specifications, jaw teethless straight head, jaw teethless bent head, jaw teeth straight head, jaw teeth bent head, which can be applied to different angles and meet different requirements.

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