01 WISEPRO Zipper Tool Pouch(4 Pack)

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  • Stand-up Zipper Tool Pouches: Made of Outdoor Grade Water Resistant Fabric 1000D with Heavy Duty Smooth Zipper and Suspended Waistband. At the same time, the sturdy fabric and the double stitching design of the vertical bottom have excellent wear resistance and stability, which can avoid tool damage or scratches. Heavy-duty zippers slide more smoothly and won't jam the zipper.
  • Easy To Hang And Storage: The gadget bag is designed with webbing so you can easily carry and store it anytime, anywhere. It can also be hung on a backpack for easy use when outdoors. It can be folded up when not needed.
  • Unique Design: Utility kits have very unique features compared to normal kits. In the dark, it's reflective to grab your attention, allowing you to quickly find your gear in dim lighting.
  • Easy To Strage: The gadget bag comes in 4 colors: orange, black, gray, army green. 4 sizes: 7.5*6.5 inches, 9.5*7.5 inches, 11.5*8 inches, 13*8 inches. Different colors and sizes, easy to distinguish without opening.
  • Multifunctional Tool Bag: Can hold different sizes of hand tools, such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, motorcycle repair tools, daily belongings, small parts, etc. It can also be used as canvas tool bag, information bag, tissue bag, travel accessories bag, brush bag, electronic product bag, stationery bag, cosmetic bag, etc. to meet your different storage needs.

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