03 Avocado Seed Planting Bowl(2-Piece)

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  • Plant your own avocado tree-It takes about 3-6 weeks for the avocado to crack and begin to sprout, depending on the variety and room temperature. Three quarters of the avocado core begins to grow at some point, and you'll have your own avocado.
  • Multiple choice of colors - this avocado tree growth tool comes in five bright colors: pink, blue, green, yellow and clear. Choose a different color and start planting your own avocado tree.
  • Easy to use - pick a fresh, ripe alligator kernel and float it in a water filled avocado planter. Be sure to expose to the sun. Keep a clean water change once a week. When avocados sprout and produce fresh leaves, they can be transplanted into the soil.
  • Unique design - avocado planting kit eye design makes it more resistant to pressure, does not sink when placed in the water, looks like a lotus flower from below, can be planted in the room, balcony or garden, and add a unique flavor to your life.
  • A perfect gift-.The avocado seed sprout bowl's own planting experience can give your friends, wife or children an unexpected harvest.Planted a living plant, I believe they will be filled with joy and pride. You can also let your children participate in planting, and it will be a very meaningful thing to experience the growth of seeds together.

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