DIY projects for the whole family

  School holidays are here and if you're not away or on a day trip, it can be difficult to come up with inexpensive ways to keep the kids busy. Here are some of our favorite DIY projects and household activities that the whole family can participate in.

Make jewelry

  At home with the kids on a sunny weekend. Use simple tools like some string, scissors, colored beads, and pliers. Make some simple jewelry from the beads. The children will be so excited that they will happily string the beads on the string. Help them cut the rope and fasten the knot with pliers. You're gonna have a great time.

Give the bird a home

  The children were gathering around a pile of wood planks, eagerly discussing what to do with them. After some brainstorming, they decided to make a birdhouse. The kids worked together, arranging the planks in a neat structure. With the help of some glue and a few nails, the birdhouse was soon completed. The children stood back, admiring their handiwork. It wasn't the most intricate birdhouse, but it was a proud achievement for them.

Clean your space

  Over time, each household accumulates clutter, no matter how much or how little. Now is a great opportunity to tackle it together as a family. Assign each family member a specific task, such as sorting through their own room for items to discard, or grouping items for recycling. Consider different storage solutions and how you can optimise the available space. And, don't forget to reward yourself and your family when the decluttering is complete.

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